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Ludmila Degtyur

Dear Nelson,
A few months ago we purchased apartment #309 at 6 Horizon Road in Fort Lee. Now that the hectic period is over, I asked Yuliya Shinkorenko for the name of her Manager, as I wanted an opportunity to express directly to you how pleased I was with Yuliya’s handling of our purchase.

Finding the right building and apartment in the new area is a challenge. We are lucky to have been introduced to Yuliya, who is undoubtedly the most professional and caring Realtor I have dealt with. She is the one who clients would want on their side, and she the one who they will be recommending to others.

From the first introductory phone call, to subsequent showings, to the closing I found Yuliya to be very knowledgeable, factual, prompt and reliable. Yuliya took the time to understand the specifics of what we were looking for, presented a great apartment to us, and guided us through dealings with Horizon Co-op. Yuliya’s attention to detail and experience were evident when she reviewed the Contract of Sale and noticed that “Inspection Contingency” clause was missing. This was a simple oversight quickly rectified by our attorney, but it could have become a more serious issue if inspection uncovered significant problems. At all times I felt that Yulia was truly our agent, being both accommodating and looking out after our interests.

I could provide many other examples of Yuliya’s exemplary work, but I think my point is clear — Yuliya Shinkorenko is a tremendous asset to The Chen Agency Realtors and I am very grateful for her services.

Ludmila Degtyur

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