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Information Needed for Loan Application

Checking, Savings, CDs, Money Market & IRA Accounts

  • Names and addresses
  • Account numbers
  • Balances

Loans (car loan, mortgages, student loans, credit union loans, etc.)

  • Names and addresses of creditors
  • Monthly payments and balances
  • Account numbers and purpose of loan

Credit Cards

  • Card name and name of bank that issued card
  • Account numbers
  • Monthly payment balances

Employment Information

  • Names and addresses of all employers for 2 full years (past and present) with dates of employment.
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Last 2 years W-2 forms


  • Last 2 years personal tax returns
  • Last 2 years corporate or partnership tax returns
  • Year to date profit and loss statement

Real Estate Owned

  • Value of property
  • Lease agreement with terms
  • Names and addresses of lenders
  • Monthly payments, balances and account numbers

Personal Assets

  • Year, model and value of car
  • Cash value of life insurance
  • Stock and bond value
  • Value of furniture, jewelry, etc
  • Contract of sale on home being purchased
  • Contract of sale on present home being sold if applicable
  • Divorce decree/separation agreement if applicable

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