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About Your REALTOR®

About Your REALTOR

Team effort with your REALTOR® will make your home purchase easier and more pleasant. The following are a few helpful suggestions.

Pick ONE and stay with that sales associate. Nothing inspires a professional to seek and find the home of YOUR choice more than knowing you are relying on him or her completely.

Choose your sales associate carefully. Check to see if the firm is a member of local Boards of Realtors. A full-time associate, professionally trained to service your needs and experienced not only in real estate but also in geographic areas and price ranges is most important to you. You have the right to expect your sales associate to go that extra mile to serve you.

Once you have decided to commit your loyalty to your REALTOR®, there are ways you can help:

  1. All members of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can show you all listings. It is not necessary to call each office to see its listings. Your REALTOR® is privy to the same information.
  2. Be truly frank with your sales associate about your price range and your reaction to each property. Any financial information revealed is kept in strict confidence. Secrecy only confuses the picture and makes the job and your search for the right home more difficult.
  3. Do not walk into an open house unaccompanied by your sales associate. He or she can no longer help you obtain that particular home. The associate holding the open house becomes the selling associate and your REALTOR®, who has spent hours of time to serve you will not be compensated. Call your REALTOR® to accompany you.
  4. If you see an ad in the paper which piques you curiosity, do call your sales associate and ask about it. Let your sales associate make the inquiry; a lot more information can be obtained from a fellow REALTOR® which will be helpfully to you.
  5. If you are unhappy with your sales associate, let the REALTOR® know. The REALTOR® will appreciate knowing this so that you may be assigned a more compatible sales associate to serve you. It is important that you be fully satisfied. Minor misunderstandings can grow.

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